How is the voltage regulator regulated?



The structure of the voltage regulator is the same as that of the autotransformer, except that the iron core is wound on the ring iron core as a ring coil. A sliding brush contact is used for the tap of the secondary coil to make the contact slip along the loop of the coil surface to achieve smooth voltage regulation.

What is the current relationship between the primary coil and the secondary coil of the transformer?

When the transformer operates with load, the change of secondary coil current will cause the corresponding change of primary coil current. According to the principle of magnetic potential balance, the current of the primary secondary coil is inversely proportional to the number of turns of the coil. The current of the side with more turns is small, and the current of the side with less turns is large. It can be expressed by the following formula: primary coil current/secondary coil current=number of turns of the secondary coil/number of turns of the primary coil.