The Company adheres to the service tenet of "quality upmost and user first", introduces domestic and overseas superb technologies, accelerates the development speed of new products, keeps improving the product assembly level, performs operation elaborately and provides services wholeheartedly.

The company strives to meet national standards in terms of quality and management and keeps pace with the high level in the same industry. In the meanwhile, the Company also inputs more in quality control, actively takes fine detection means and makes efforts to ensure that all the products meet the quality requirements. We make the users reassured by implementing the quality policy of "adopting superb technologies, guaranteeing the product quality, producing quality products and meeting customers' demands".

Pre sales service:

We will provide the Buyer with necessary inspection convenience and all technical consulting services. After the contract is signed, we will cooperate with the user to complete various works of the project, such as project progress, design and manufacturing, drawings, documents, packaging, transportation, commissioning, testing, etc. During the production and processing of products, the Buyer can send personnel to the factory to supervise the production, inspection and commissioning, and allow the relevant personnel of the user to directly participate in the production and assembly of relevant products, so that they can further understand the structure and performance of the products. After the product is manufactured, the buyer can go to the factory for acceptance. After the product leaves the factory, our company will provide technical consulting services. If necessary, we can send someone to train the user's personnel to ensure that the user can master the characteristics of the product. Our company guarantees that the product quality meets the provisions of relevant national standards and contract requirements.

On sale service:

During product manufacturing, we keep in touch with users and communicate with them at any time. We strictly follow the requirements in the contract.

After-sale service:

When providing users with consultation and service on product installation, commissioning and operation, actively cooperate with users and smoothly put into operation.

After receiving the service information required by the user, timely reply and handle the problem. If the defect is not remedied with a reasonable, effective and feasible plan within the time specified in the contract (generally 48 hours) and a full response is made, the user can take the necessary remedial measures according to the actual situation, but the risk and cost are borne by us.

The company's products implement the "three guarantees" service. If the product has quality problems within the "three guarantees" period (12 months) and it is found that our responsibility is actually ours, we will strictly perform the product warranty repair, packaging, return and the company's quality assurance commitment according to the actual quality problems of the product.

Service Guarantee