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S(B)H15-M amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformer

Amorphous alloy is a new type of energy-saving material that adopts the quick condensation manufacturing process. In the amorphous alloy, metal atoms are arranged in the disordered and amorphous way. Its crystal structure is totally different from that of the silicon steel, so it can be magnetized and demagnetized better. Its iron core sheet is extremely thin (0.025mm), which is less than 1/10 of the silicon-steel sheet. Featuring high saturation magnetic induction, low loss, low excitation current and good temperature stability, this new type of material is used for manufacturing the transformer iron core. The iron core adopts the single-box or three-phase five-column wound iron core. The iron core is clamped with thin plates or a molded frame structure. The high and low voltage coils are of a rectangular structure. The amorphous alloy transformer characterized by low no-load loss, strong anti-short circuit capability, an advanced structure, energy conservation and outstanding environmental protection performance conforms to the industry policy advocated by the Chinese government, i.e. "saving resources, protecting the environment and constructing economical society". It is a distribution transformer with a relatively ideal energy-saving effect at present.

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S(B)H15-M amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformer


S(B)H15-M amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformer


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